At Taktopia & Co., we provide a holistic program for educational foundations and institutions, covering both Japan and the wider world.

1. Broadening horizons
2. Fostering a proactive attitude
3. Building robust communication skills
4. Testing skills abroad
→ Training leaders for the startup age


・Study Camps in Japan

~Bringing the world into the classroom~

At these English intensive study camps, pupils collaborate with students at world-class universities in order to find out ‘what’s going on in the world’, with a focus on ‘my future and what I want to learn’.

・University College London Japan Society
・Harvard College Japan Initiative


・Hakunetsu English Camp

This part years, we have collaborated with multiple high schools in Japan and held Hakunetsu English camp over the summer. For this camp, we invited college students from United States, England, Japan and etc to support the high school students learn and improve English.

Learn more about our Hakunetsu English Camp here!


・Lingua France

This summer, in the summer of 2017, we are starting Lingua France English Camp in Yamanashi  prefecture. This is very similar to Hakunetsu English camp that we do every summer, but will be opened to any junior high school or high school students in Japan.

We are hoping to reach out to more students in Japan and to provide life changing experiences.


・Entrepreneurship Training

~Identifying personal challenges, finding solutions~

This is an entrepreneurship training program based on active learning and the ’24 steps’ method advocated by Bill Aulet, head of the MIT Entrepreneurship Center.


Students personally tackle everything from identifying a challenge to testing their ideas, with a focus not just on learning how to start a business, but also how to use problem-solving to ensure a positive global impact.


・Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship


・Native Mind

~Learning English skills for the 21st Century~

With the support of the biggest documentary network in the world, the Discovery Channel, we use English-learning materials with a focus on ‘real-life English plus intellectually stimulating topics’, using videos watched by native speakers.

We also offer online lessons with foreign teachers based on these teaching materials.


・Native Mind LLC
・Discovery Japan Inc.


・Overseas Study Tour

~Visits to top foreign universities and research institutions~

Collaboration with local students to form ties between their region and the world

Taktopia is in official partnership with top foreign universities and research institutions.


We offer a comprehensive package, from travel programs focusing on inter-regional interaction and collaboration with local students to pre- and post-trip study courses.

Using a step-by-step process to identify and solve challenges while also improving English ability, we foster leadership to empower students to take control of their own lives.




・The University of Sheffield (UK)
・Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) (US)
・Stanford University (US)
・NPO CSIP (Vietnam)